TMC-Iraq Co.was established in 2007,who dedicates itself to provide optimal surgical products word-widely.The medical equipment companies possesses a variety of patents through its own R&D,and currently offers various surgical staplers with superior quality.In 2013,Golden Stapler Surgical resets itsstrategical targets after company share reconstruction.Moreover,the Overseas Venture Capital involvement becomes a significant milestone of corporation's future evelopment.



4 9 1 halfbanner 01 rev  TMC-Iraq Co. is the holding and headquarters for a group of Iraqi firms & scientific offices dedicated to serve Health care and related     Engineering sectors in IRAQ.Our market IRAQ being a volatile country through the past years has gone through different stages of instabilities,   each depicted by its challenges as well as potentials. TMC-Iraq Co. was able to master the business craftsmanship by keeping a balance of   stability and growth for our associates and firms the Group represents